2018 Artists + Exhibitors

Sierra Valley Preserve

Plumas Audubon

  Plumas Audubon Society’s mission is to promote understanding, appreciation, and protection of the biodiversity of the Feather River Region through education, research, and the restoration and conservation of natural ecosystems. Members will have an informational display about the birds in Sierra Valley and Plumas County, fun avian trivia and games for kids and adults, and species-specific nesting boxes for sale. 

Micah Silver - Lost Sierra Wildlife

 Micah Silver will be exhibiting and selling his stunning wildlife photographs (especially birds), which he takes while hiking and exploring the northern Sierra, known as the Lost Sierra. 

Jennifer Ellis

 Jennifer Ellis of B Gallery photographs and paints the magic and beauty of the Sierra Valley. She also combines the two mediums to create colorful paintings. Jennifer's exhibit will showcase her photographs of birds, other animals and landscapes. She will have photo note cards, prints, framed photos and paintings for viewing and sale. 

Peet Road – Primitive Stone Art

 Peter Rhode, of Peet Road – Primitive Stone Art, has been fascinated by practically every style of painting and sculpture for as long as he can remember.  His interest began in his youth with Native American and African tribal works, early European cave paintings, Mayan clay figurines, Northwest Coast totems, and prehistoric rock art from around the world. He more recently felt a call to sculpt owls, eagles, votive figures and Ganeshas. Peter keeps his subjects primitive, mysterious, and abstract, constrained by the material, shape, and composition of the rock he chooses to bring each figure to life. 

Smokin' Jim's BBQ


 Jaymie & Jim Crews of Smokin' Jim's BBQ have a deep history in the local food scene and have been catering for 15 years. Smokin' Jim's specializes in slow cooking and smoking meats over a smoldering fire until it is fall-off-the-bone tender and delicious. Stop by the Sierra Valley Preserve for a quick bite at their mobile BBQ trailer. 

Feather River Land Trust

 Feather River Land Trust's mission is to conserve the lands and waters of the Feather River region and steward their ecological, cultural, and educational values for current and future generations. Since 2000, FRLT has successfully protected over 54,000 acres of private lands that support outstanding biodiversity, waterways, fisheries, recreational and educational opportunities, cultural sites, agricultural lands, and spectacular scenery. Staff and volunteers will be available to answer questions about the Sierra Valley Preserve and will have Sierra Valley Birder's Guidebooks available. 

Goodwin Ranch

Dog Walk Crochet

  Lucia Biunno of Dog Walk Crochet crochets hats & scarves using a variety of specialty yarns and original designs. 

Manifest Station Studio

 Presley Sundberg, of Manifest Station Studio, is a metal artist in the Sierra Nevada specializing in intricate torch-cut lighting and accessories. She will be showing various lighting pieces including shadow lamps, candleholders and nightlights, all cut freehand with an oxyacetylene welding torch. Presley specializes in intricate cutting techniques inspired by nature's forms using line quality, proportion and balance to create functional art pieces for home and events. 

Feet In The Creek Designs

 Gayle Franzen of Feet in the Creek Designs makes four-dimensional art on reclaimed wood. She has always painted and has found joy in bringing new life to cast-off wood from construction sites, including flat boards and blocks that she paints on all sides. 

Plumas Crafts

  John Lullo of Plumas Crafts creates rustic furniture from original designs focusing on the wood used in each project. He uses materials found in local forests in addition to commercial lumber to produce a varied line of rustic furniture. His exhibit will feature a wide range of rustic wood furniture and accessory items. The items will range from large tables to hand mirrors. 

Harvey Farms & Forestry

Anna Harvey

 This fifth-generation sheep producer will host demonstrations of all aspects of wool production - from shearing to spinning, weaving and felting. Visitors can meet the sheep and alpacas and can try their hand at spinning and weaving. The wool room will be open and lamb meat for sale. There will also be  lumber milling demonstrations from the Harvey Forestry operation. 

Michelle Haselton - Lakes Basin Creations

 Michelle Haselton of Lakes Basin Creations is a teaching artist specializing in pine needle basketry and loom weaving. Michelle will have hand-made baskets for sale and will be demonstrating spinning, weaving and basket-making. 

Janet Baldridge - Wheel House Spinning & Fibers

 Janet Baldridge prepares, spins and knits fiber from wool, alpaca and other natural sources. Janet will be demonstrating hand spinning on an 1880s "walking wheel,"  and with support spindles. Janet will share the process of fiber preparation before knitting or spinning. She will also have hand knit items available. 

VV Bar Ranch

Hand-Crafted Wood Products

 George Halvorsen of Hand Crafted Wood Products specializes in quality hand-made wood products. Based in Clio, CA, George offers a wide range of wood products, including custom furniture, fly fishing nets, wood fly rod tubes, cutting boards, and serving trays, some adorned with hand-crafted pyrographic images of wildlife, flowers and birds by Judith Baughman. 


 Katie Tanner of Oddglass creates an eclectic assortment of fused glass pieces. Katie is fascinated by motion & light and by the process of fusing glass. She will have an assortment of fused glass items on display & for sale. 

Tahoe Glass by Gabi

 Gabriela O'Neil, of Tahoe Glass by Gabi, fuses beautiful glass into functional art and decorative pieces. Her latest hand-made creations include decorative fused glass mushroom solar garden stakes and flowers. She also will have her popular fused glass dragonflies on hand. 

Olsen Photography

 The beauty and living agricultural history of Sierra Valley inspires Bronwyn Olsen of Olsen Photography to share and preserve it in timeless photos. Bronwyn will have photographs, a seasonal calendar, bookmarks and notecards featuring Sierra Valley and the Feather River region. 

Fish Out of Water

 Marty Flora does both pottery and gyotaku, the ancient Japanese art of fish painting, but has concentrated on gyotaku for the past ten years. She will have examples of her gyotaku on display and for sale. 

Lemon Canyon Ranch

Joanne Corso - I Am Love - Artworks

 Using watercolor, oil, and acrylics, Joanne Corso of I Am Love - Artworks paints landscapes, still life, and portraits as well as the occasional abstract.  Her paintings embody a philosophy of creating the least possible distance between the moment and its expression.  Her thematic material covers many subjects but mostly she is known for evocative landscapes painted plein air on the California coast and in the mountains. She also makes paper and makes photo cards from her paintings. 

Sierraville Micro Dairy

 Benoit de Korsak has a small, organic microdairy with a Jersey Cow share program in Sierraville.  Come meet Elsie the beautiful organic Jersey milk cow and her new calf Léon at Lemon Canyon Ranch! Elsie is so tech savvy she even has her own instagram page where she posted the baby pictures. She loves apples and being petted, so come feed her a few of the gorgeous Sierra Valley's bountiful heritage apples from our trees and learn about dairying. 

Tom Knudson Photography

 Tom Knudson is a writer, photographer and frequent visitor to Sierra Valley. He will be showing and selling a collection of gallery-style, metal photographic prints of birds native to Sierra Valley. 

Lemmon History & Botanical Legacy

 Local botanist Bill Harnach, and his granddaughter, Jade Kennedy, will be sharing a colorful display and information on the history of the Lemon Canyon Ranch and the botanical legacy of John Gill Lemmon (brother of B.F. Lemmon, for whom the ranch is named). 

Lil' Meg's Pumpkin Patch

Lil' Meg's Pumpkin Patch

 Lil' Meg's Pumpkin Patch was sprouted in 2012 to bring fun and entertainment to the community.  The "patch" features games, a corn maze and plenty of pumpkins! Lil' Meg's Pumpkin Patch, hosted on the family-owned Whittemore Farm, is aptly named for the petite size of one of its owners (Megan Whittemore) and the petite size of the pumpkin patch itself.  

Josefina's Fine Knits

 Eva Gorman’s grandmother, Josefina Davalos, taught her how to knit when she was a little girl. Eva would lie on Grandma’s big green couch, with knitting needles in hand, hearing “Patience, mi hija, patience” in her grandmother’s strong Mexican accent. Josefina Fine Knits began in 2014, with a goal to share Eva’s vision of nature, and the love she puts into her creations. Eva will be sharing her colorful hand knit accessories, cowls, scarves, shawls, wraps, and hats, along with recycled silk rosettes, showcased on antique tables, vintage dress forms and other unique displays.  

Elliptical Sunrise

 Ingrid Burke of Elliptical Sunrise offers eco-friendly products handmade in beautiful Plumas County from recycled, reused and repurposed materials. Ingrid will be offering several types of candles, glass magnets and pushpins, gift tags and pine cone décor items for sale, and she will be happy to answer questions and discuss recycled crafts. 

Lolly's Crafts

 Laurel Paschal of Lolly’s Crafts loves to paint wildlife on gourds. She also enjoys driftwood and horseshoe art and painting on canvas. She will have gourds decorated with cougar, quail, deer, wolves and horses on display and for sale at her exhibit. 

Lost Marbles Ranch

Sierra Valley Yaks

 Jenna & Greg Gatto of Sierra Valley Yaks raise domesticated yaks, sustainably and responsibly, for meat and fiber. Yaks are versatile and multi-purpose animals, perfectly adapted for high-altitude living. Visitors can learn about yaks and feed snacks to the friendly yaks. 

Shear Bliss

 Lorraine Nielsen is a fiber artisan creating handspun yarns and wool products of natural color or with forest and garden dyes.  Shear Bliss products come from hand-processed wool from Lorraine’s flock of majestic Jacob sheep that she raises in Indian Valley on Four Winds Farm. Lorraine will be spinning wool and yak fiber at the Lost Marbles ranch.  She will be showcasing and selling a variety of her fiber products and answering questions about all aspects of working with fiber.  Lorraine also heads the Feather River Fibershed:  Learn about the availability of natural fibers and dyes in our geographic region. 

Heaven Sent

 Rosanna Angel of Heaven Sent handcrafts bath products using milk from her own herd of goats.  Heaven Sent soap, lotion, bath salts and other goat milk-based body care products will be on display and available for sale at the Art + Ag Trail. 

Alice Marble / Marble Family History Display

 Artist Susan Wilson will be sharing information and a historical display about the extraordinary Alice Marble, born in Beckwourth in 1913, whose family is the source of the name for Marble Hot Springs. Alice overcame myriad challenges to become a tennis champ in the 1930s-40s, the first to win both Wimbledon and the US Open singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles in the same year, 1939. Alice was the catalyst for the African American Althea Gibson to break the color barrier in tennis (with Althea going on to win the US Open and Wimbledon in the 1950s), coached Billie Jean King and edited Wonder Woman comic books, which inspired her to tell stories of real Wonder Women from history. Did we mention Alice was also a spy during WWII?  

Roberti Ranch

4H - Sierra Valley, Treasure Mountain and Echo Clubs

 Local 4H clubs, which are youth organizations for members between 5 and 19 years of age, will be sharing their knowledge, experience, animals and project displays with everyone traveling the Art + Ag Trail. They will have an “opportunity farm,” featuring local farm animals at the roadside stop at the Roberti Ranch. 

Sattley Cash Store

Marjorie Voorhees - Country Class Collectibles Stained Glass

 Marjorie Voorhees creates stained glass original and existing designs using the traditional methods of lead and copper foil. She works in a home studio and markets her work through Country Class Collectibles in Sattley, CA. Marjorie will be selling stained glass quilt squares, as well as Victorian and western-themed windows. 

Scott Perry - Country Class Collectibles

 Scott Perry of Country Class Collectibles creates his art pieces using barnwood, pyrography and rusty metal found objects. Working out of a cabin at the headwaters of the Feather River, he creates western and Native American-themed artwork. 

Sierra Valley Farms

Rand Nash - Sierra Valley Boatworks

 Rand Nash of Sierra Valley Boatworks makes hand-built cedar strip kayaks, canoes and rowing boats.  This building method produces beautiful, seaworthy, lightweight art that can be paddled. Sierra Valley Boatworks’ wood is locally sourced and repurposed when available. Sea and lake kayaks, hand tools and sample materials will be exhibited. 

Casey Clark - Rolling Out Clay

 Casey Clark produces stoneware and porcelain pottery that is intended for daily use.  He is especially interested in creating work that can transform everyday routines, such as making coffee or grinding herbs, in micro-rituals. 

Judy Dailey - J. Dailey Design

 Judy Dailey of J. Dailey Design meticulously handcrafts quality stones, metals and crystals into wearable art.  Most pieces are crafted using wire weaving and wire wrap techniques. Wire sculpted jewelry is an ancient craft dating back to 1446 B.C.  It has been found in the pyramids as well as in ancient pharoahs' tombs.  It is the only known metal jewelry craft that is created without soldering or casting. 

Laurie Munroe - Sage Eggs & Ham

 Sage Eggs & Ham is a very small family-run farm that uses heritage breed hogs to rejuvenate the land.  The hogs are harvested to make healthy pork available for sale locally.  Sage Eggs & Ham has selected very hardy breeds that can thrive in Sierra Valeey year-round on a diet of predominantly locally raised grass hay, without the need for medications. Laurie Munroe of Sage Eggs & Ham will be on hand selling the farm's frozen pork. 

Chef Sean Conry & Feather River College Culinary Arts Program

 Chef Sean Conry and his Culinary Arts Program students from Feather River College will be preparing and selling scrumptious lunch items. 

Gary Romano

 Sierra Valley Farms is a Certified Organic Farm growing vegetables and hosting agritourism events on the farm, including a summer on-farm farmers market, montly Farm-to-Fork Barn Dinners and a Food, Blues & Views Concert Series.  In addition, farmer Gary Romano has penned two entertaining and informative books on farming and sells bottled drink mixes, horseradish and more. Sierra Valley Farms is an Event Trailhead where visitors can purchase even passports and souvenir dish towels and pick up a printed map of the sites for the day.  Host Gary Romano will be on hand to share information on the farm's history and current operation as a certified organic vegetable farm as well as selling farm products and signing and selling his entertaining and informative books. 

Sierra Valley Grange

Plumas-Sierra Cattlewomen

 Plumas-Sierra CattleWomen is a group of women dedicated to the preservation of ranching, beef promotion, and agricultural education. The Cattle Women will have Sierra Valley Family Farm historical displays and their annual brand-quilt, hand-made with embroidered local registered brands from Plumas and Sierra Counties, which funds scholarships for local students. The Cattlewomen are also teaming up with the Plumas-Sierra Cattlemen's Association to prepare the dinner at the Grange the evening of the event. 

Betty Thatcher

 Betty Thatcher creates free-form, country life-inspired watercolor and mixed media paintings and greeting cards. Betty's paintings are home and pet portraits, still life, local historical barns, buildings, and livestock.  She uses various papers, goauche, water color and ink. 

Kathleen Goicoechea

 Kathleen Goicoechea works in watercolors, acrylic, oil, and masa paper. Kathleen's favorite subject is scenes of Sierra Valley. She also paints still life flower arrangements. 

Reno Antique Engine & Tractor Club

 Reno Antique Engine & Tractor Club is dedicated to educating anyone interested in antique engines and tractors.  The members restore and maintain antique engines and farm equipment. They will be showing and offering education about working antique engines and equipment used on farms in the 1920's, 30's and 40's. 

Sierraville School Community Center

Sierra County Historical Society

 The Sierra County Historical Society is an organization of people interested in preserving and promoting an appreciation of Sierra County's rich heritage. Members of the Society will be selling copies of two newly re-printed books:  Barns of Sierra County in Sierra Valley and Historic Houses of Sierra County in Sierra Valley.  Both contain photographs, history, and locations so that visitors may locate sites. 

Ruthan Hudson

 Ruthan Hudson has been painting in oil and watercolor for 27 years, with a focus on local landscapes and Steller's Jays. Ruthan will be presenting Giclée prints on canvas and watercolor paper.  She will also have handmade greeting cards suitable for framing. 

Dee Kelly - Hand Knits by Dee Kelly

 Hand Knits by Dee Kelly is based in Mohawk Valley/Clio, CA.  Dee has been knitting, off-and-on, since she was 9 years old, taught by her mother and grandmother.  She specializes in creating hand-knitted clothing and accessories using high quality, mostly natural fibers. Many are original designs. 

Jennifer Kennedy - High Sierra Heritage Fruit

 High Sierra Heritage Fruit specializes in grafting heirloom varieties of fruit that have existed in Sierra Valley for 100+ years, with a mission of preserving tried-and-true varieties to nurture future generations. Jennifer Kennedy is 4th-generation Guidici family on her mother's side.  She has grown up on the fruits of Sierra Valley and has realized a deep passion for saving the surviving diversity of varieties (mostly apples) after seeing so many of the old trees die. Jennifer will be offering heritage apple tasting and apple identification for people who bring samples along. 

Sierraville MicroKitchen

 Sierraville MicroKitchen makes French-style baked goods and more - Organic, Fresh, Local and Gluten-free (but you would never know that last part unless we told you). Kristina de Korsak invites you to come by for some of Sierra Valley's local harvest with farm fresh country French pastries for breakfast or dessert, pies, jams and granolas to grab and go, and all things heritage apple from our local microkitchen.  

Annemarie Huisman - Hawk & Field

 Hawk & Field is based in Sierraville, CA, where Annemarie Huisman creates both small batch apothecary and hand-forged jewelry. Her jewelry is designed and hand-fabricated in her home studio, nestled where the mountains meet the Sierra Valley. She uses reclaimed metal whenever possible and sources responsibly mined and American mined & cut gemstones. Her apothecary line is a collection of all-natural, small batch products featuring organic herbs patiently solar infused in organic oils and pressed by hand, by her, to make healing salves, moisturizers and lip balms. 

Sierra Valley Barn Quilts

 Sierra Valley Barn Quilts creates and sells barn quilts of various sizes, designs and colors, as well as prints and greeting cards with commissioned line-drawings of local barns and barn quilts. Barn quilts honor the economic, cultural and historical contribution of ranching and farming to our rural communities while celebrating one of America's historic art forms, the block quilt.  Barn Quilt patterns speak to the Valley's heritage and resources while adding color to structures around the Valley. 

Summit School

Paul Herman - Great Basin Pottery

 Paul Herman is a long-time potter from south Lassen County.  He makes functional ware for cooking and eating. He creates pottery mostly formed using a potter's wheel, wood-fired stoneware and porcelain. 

Jeanne Tansey - Baskets and Books

 Jeanne Tansey of Baskets & Books coils pine needle baskets from local pine needles, Florida and Texas long leaf pine needles, artificial sinew and other embellishments.  Coated with melted 100% beeswax, then baked in a low-temperature oven, Jeanne's baskets are sturdy and meant to be used. Her goal is to combine beautiful form and functionality. 

Rich Banks - High Sierra Crystals

 Based in Chilcoot, CA, Rich Banks of High Sierra Crystals, hand-digs his claim looking for crystal pockets, amethyst, citrine, and smokies. Rich hand-extracts crystals at his claim and transports them in a sock inside a pack so they are not exposed to daylight.  Even if the crystals are broken, they have beautiful color.  He polishes them, has bails attached or turns them into rings and pendants. Rich will exhibit beautiful local crystals that are facet-grade quality. 

Eko Kreations

 Kristina Sullivan of Eko Kreations is passionate about preserving and caring for the environment and loves hiking and connecting with nature. She works with sustainable and organic materials using nature-inspired designs. She wishes to bring a little piece of nature into peoples' homes. Kristina will showcase her embroidered napkins, towels and pillows made of ecofriendly hemp and organic cotton fabrics, using hand-drawn designs and quotes inspired by nature and our local surroundings. 

Gloria Gipson - Earth 'n' Light

 Gloria & Ray Gipson of Earth 'n' Light, specialize in hand-made gemstone and crystal jewelry, including beaded Kumihimo necklaces and bracelets which accent focal gemstone, glass and crystal statement pieces. Their work also features original photographs made into necklace pendants, bola ties, earrings and keepsakes.  Gloria & Ray collect and polish mineral and semi-precious stones to enhance their beauty. Earth 'n' Light will exhibit beautiful gemstone and crystal jewelry in addition to Kumihimo hand-beaded chains for bandanas and bracelets. 

Milton Gottardi Museum

Mike Leffingwell

 Mike Leffingwell draws mainly in pencil or ink but sometimes uses acrylic or oil. His art most often depicts rustic scenes, such as farms, old houses, and trucks.   

Queen Bees

 Queen Bees raises honey bees in Loyalton, CA. 

Golden Poppy Goods

 Kristi Bell of Golden Poppy Goods has a goal as a designer/maker to hand-craft rustic but modern home goods to last a lifetime. She designs and makes decorative wood signs, shelves, art and photo display boards, list boards, and decorative linens (such as table runners, dinner napkins and throw pillows). Each piece is designed, cut, sanded, stained, painted, sewn, stitched and branded by Kristi. She likes to display her pieces as if in a home, with books, crystals and furniture providing a feeling of balance and interest. The style of Golden Poppy Goods products is a little rustic, a little bohemian, and, for the most part, simple and timeless. 

Leland Cross

 Leland Cross paints beautiful landscapes in acrylic and watercolor. He is based in Loyalton, California and is known throughout the region for his signs, his aspen imagery and for the totem pole he created for Wiggins' Trading Post (now Goodwin's General Store) in Chilcoot.